Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The H.U.G.O.

We have a shed. A really big shed. In fact, a 2400 square foot shed of which we are currently using about 30 square feet. We have named this shed the Huge Underutilized Garage Outbuilding (my co-workers know how fond I am of acronyms). We have quickly, however, received multiple requests along these lines: “Um, I heard you have a big shed … we have a __[fill in item]__ and could we maybe store it in your shed for a while?”
The HUGO in all her glory

Traveling throughout Wyoming, you quickly notice that very few people here really get rid of anything. Stuff you don’t need/want/require goes into your side yard, your garage, your front yard, etc. We are determined not to let Aspen Springs become subject matter for the Hoarders tv show.

But the HUGO does present some interesting opportunities. More than once in our few weeks at Aspen Springs, when discussing what do to with something that does not have an obvious place, I’ve said, “Let’s just put it in the HUGO in case we need it later.” Methinks this is the slippery slope to having a yard full of stuff (see above).

But as of today we’ve still got about 2000 square feet available in case you have a boat or camper…or anything I might want to play with. 

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  1. The HUGO is female??? I disagree. It's not a pretty building, at all.