Friday, November 18, 2011

pretty, happy, funny, real

I'm linking up again with a wonderful blog, Like Mother Like Daughter, for their Thursday (yes, I'm a day late) feature:

{pretty, happy, funny, real} 
~capturing the context of contentment in everyday life~

darling daughter #1 practicing piano
Morning coffee is usually the job of the husband, so when he's traveling for work, I'm on my own - caffeine-wise.  The girls know that I usually just make a small-ish amount of coffee in the press for myself.  One day this week I was running a bit late and our oldest made this lovely tray and brought it upstairs to me.  She even remembered my favorite mug!

Still smiling, even though the chicken just pecked her hand off :)

Sisters playing together - it's not always this joyful, but it was a fun moment to capture.


  1. Those are some pretty great little moments. It makes me happy to read them. Isn't it funny how we easily we can just overlook simple little moments like those? Thanks for sharing though, made life feel more real again. :)

  2. Nice photos. I especially like your coffee vignette.
    Happy Thanksgiving!