Thursday, January 26, 2012

pretty, happy, funny, real

{pretty, happy, funny, real}
capturing the context of everyday life ~ most Thursdays, here at Aspen Springs

Our very own fresh eggs!  Yay!  Hurrah!  Our hens began laying this week!  We have some blue/green egg layers in the flock as well, but those particular birds must be a little behind schedule.
putting all our eggs in one basket :)

If you've read more than a couple posts on this blog, you know that we live in the country.  Mark travels a lot for work, so he gets the benefit of being out and about, but coming home to peace.  (Believe me, I realize that business travel is not all fun and games - but it is true that he gets a change of scenery pretty often.)  On the other hand, I am at home a lot.  I'm a home schooling Mom; in order for our kids to get an education, I need to stay home!  But last week I had a getaway and met up with Mark in a large city that is *somewhat* close to us.  It was a great couple of days.  Mark was working, so I had time to myself during the day, but got to spend evenings with him.  This was one of my destinations...

An old favorite haunt of mine that I happily strolled through without any interruptions!  I also got to meet my FAVORITE aunt and cousin (are you both reading this?) for lunch, which was a great treat.  I'm sure the entire restaurant heard us laughing.

Our youngest child noticed the deer crossing signs near our home this week.  According to her, the sign means:
"Attention!  If you are traveling on this road at night, deer will be jumping over your car."

Ahhh, yes, if only they would just jump over the car...

We moved into this house the first week of September - right at the start of the school year. There's so much to do after a move that - honestly - the school room was not high on the priority list.  We got our books on a shelf and the computers set up, but that was about it for a couple months.  I still haven't "decorated" in the school room - and we could use a few key pieces of furniture to help the flow of the day - but I did at least get some maps on the wall this week.
Our main book shelf in the school room.  Each of the girls has a shelf for her books.

So, there it is: a little bit of everyday life from the last week.  Remember to visit Like Mother Like Daughter for more {pretty, happy, funny, real}.


  1. Beautiful eggs! And good job with the maps. I keep trying to figure out a place to put them up for us. Thanks for posting.

  2. Ok, the eggs really ARE beautiful.
    And the deer crossing sign will never mean the same thing again, she's so cute!

  3. How exciting to get your own eggs! As for Home Goods - I do love that place!! :D

  4. I get excited about my eggs every day. Thanks for joining!

  5. I've said it before....but I LOVE reading your blog! And it's not just because I got mentioned in this one! :)