Friday, February 1, 2013

March for Life 2013

We attended the March for Life as a family this year.  It was inspiring to be in Washington D.C. for such an important event.  It felt almost like being at a big family reunion... do you know what I mean?  That feeling when everyone around you shares the same core belief and is united by some purpose.  The March for Life is important in many ways, but I think that among the top reasons is the sense of unity and hope that it instills in those who attend.   

The sheer number of people was awesome.  There were just so many people it was impossible to see the entire crowd.  There was a man near us at the rally who brought a ladder so that he could take photos above the crowd.  I should have asked to check out the view, but - honestly - the ladder made me a bit nervous.  Perhaps the best view we got was during the march itself as we went up "the Hill" toward the Supreme Court.  We were near the front of the march, so we could look back at all those following us. 

In the week following the March, various estimates have surfaced about the crowd size. It seems that there were easily 500,000, with a few estimates coming in at 650,000. The temperature in Washington that day hovered around 20 degrees. The wind was fierce and snow was falling at various times. It wasn't a particularly pleasant day on which to stand outside for hours, but hopefully the effort to put on a demonstration of this size will pay off one day (soon).

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