Monday, December 5, 2011

Hurray for the Blaze King!

It's really cold here today.  Come to think of it, it's been unusually cold for probably 3 days now.  This is our 3rd winter here, so we're getting used to what's "normal" - and normal for early December would be something like 29.  Today's high was 8 and last night the temperature dropped to about 5 below.  That's not record-setting - by any means - but it certainly feels cold.  And, of course, we're having issues with our heat.  Isn't that the way it always goes?  But all is well; There's a huge fire in the basement keeping us warm.

We have a Blaze King wood stove.  The thing is a beast.  It really is.  It puts out enough heat that we're hardly noticing the lack of our electric heat.  Take a look at the features:

We have a nice big wood pile, so we'll be cozy until the weather warms up a bit - or the breaker for the electric heaters gets fixed - which, of course, will probably happen at the same time :)

Besides the fact that the Blaze King is keeping us warm, I love the smell.  It's sort of like a campfire without the actual camping.  It's also delightful to sit in the basement on the comfy couch and watch a movie while the fire blazes.  Makes me warm and sleepy just thinking about it!

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