Thursday, December 15, 2011

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~pretty, happy, funny, real~
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Last year I started a Little Women Hospitality Group.  Do you know about this program?  If you have daughters in the 10-14 age range you might want to look into it.  In our case, the group came about as a way to be sure that our oldest (who is the most social creature we've ever known) gets to see ALL her friends on a regular basis.  It's fairly easy for me to schedule an afternoon for one of the other girls to come over and play, but this group allows a bunch of girls to get together twice each month.  We have 12 "Little Women" in our group.   On this particular day we learned about setting a formal table.  As you can see, we also practiced arranging flowers to be used as a centerpiece, or other decoration.  I love having fresh flowers in the house, so it was neat for me to see how much the girls enjoyed this activity.

She is one happy girl.  Her top front teeth have been missing since August.  It seems that some kids lose the baby tooth, and then the "big" tooth appears quickly, but in this case we don't see any sign of the big teeth making an appearance.  I love that she's had no teeth in the front for so long.  It's the perfect look for a 6 year old.  This face could make anyone happy!


We had some flooring installed last week.  One of the installers was friendly and fun and the little girls quickly made friends with him.  Do your kids do that too?  It's not like we have people working in our house all the time, but when we do the girls always want to make friends.  This particular guy was kind enough to let the girls try out his headphones.  I just assumed that the headphones kept out the noise of the hammering, sawing, sanding, etc. but apparently, they had a radio built in.
One of the girls loudly declared, "I hear cowboy music!"
When we moved to this house a couple months ago, we dropped cable and the land line.  Mark has been an almost exclusive cell phone user for a couple years, so this was a non-issue for him.  It really wasn't a big deal for me either, but the phone I had was several years old, so we thought it might be a good time to upgrade.

So a few days ago I dropped the new phone.  Apparently.  I don't really remember it taking a fatal fall.  But fall it must have.  The front screen is shattered.  But, no worries, right?  We bought insurance!

I sauntered into the Verizon store expecting to receive a brand-spanking-new phone.  Nope.  The helpful employee explained to me that there is an "administration fee" to make a claim - and the phone has to be sent to some other company, etc. etc.  Ugh.  I'm not entirely sure my phone has a retail value equal to the "administration fee."

So, where is all this taking us?  To my phone, which I'm happy to report, works just as wonderfully as on the day I got it.  And thanks to some skillfully applied scotch tape, there are no shards of glass falling into my ear or embedding in my cheek.  I'll get a new one soon - there are just more important things happening at the moment - but for now the tape fix is fine.


  1. Oh my! You win the frugality phone award. Maybe Santa will bring you a new phone!:)

  2. I love the idea of a "Little Women" group. Those young ladies all look very sweet and lovely.

    I'm with you on doing without the cable. We have relied on Netflix for years now. I can hardly watch television when I encounter it other places now, because the commercials drive me crazy.

  3. Ha! Love the phone 'fix!' And our kids are also now best friends with the plumber :)

  4. Your "Little Women" is a wonderful idea! So nice to see so many young ladies together and smiling.