Thursday, March 8, 2012

pretty, happy, funny, real

It's Thursday again!  We're joining the link-up with Like Mother Like Daughter for {pretty, happy, funny, real}.

To be honest right from the start, this is not a complete {p,h,f,r} post.  We have a {funny} contribution, which is enough, don't you think?

We've been traveling again, which throws a kink in the works of our family.  The time period before, during, and after a trip seems to pass in some sort of haze of non-normalcy.  So, though there were certainly instances of prettiness, happiness, and realness in the last week or so, we don't have photos.  And a post with photos is WAY more fun than a post without.  On some trips the camera is constantly in my hands, but this time, the camera never made it out of its case. Oops.

This trip was a visit with my parents and siblings to celebrate my Dad's 75th birthday.  One morning at breakfast my Dad asked me how things are coming along at our house.  Before I could answer, our 7 year old daughter said,

"It's just one damn project after another."

I think my heart stopped and I know my parents were in shock.  My mind was quickly racing. Why on earth would she say that?  Where did she hear something like that?  Even in private, neither Mark or I had said anything remotely similar.  Then I saw it.  My Dad's coffee mug.

My parents have quite an assortment of mugs, collected from people, places, and events over the last 48 years.  My guess is that this one was a "gag gift" for my Dad from a co-worker. Well, our 7 year old is an enthusiastic reader and is known for reading everything she sees out loud.  On this particular morning, her timing was perfect.  Once I saw the mug sitting there, I quickly assured her grandparents that she had innocently read the mug and hadn't intended to answer my Dad's question.  Further, she really had no idea what she had said.  It really was funny once we realized what had happened.


  1. that is just hysterical!
    (Joining you from phfr.) Now I am going to peek at some of your other pages. ;-)

    1. Peek away! We love p,h,f,r visitors

  2. Oh my GOSH!!!
    COLLEEN! I can't NOT stop laughing!!!!
    I'm going to wake up my babies!!!
    That is awesome.

    I think this {funny} makes up for any lack of {p,h,r}.

    Great post!

  3. Very funny! Love it! Thanks for posting!

  4. This a funny sory! And thank you Colleen for the comment you left on my blog :-)