Thursday, March 7, 2013

pretty, happy, funny, real

A quick {pretty, happy, funny, real} post for a Thursday.
Norah turned 8 recently.  She had an 1860s afternoon tea party. 
Here, the birthday girl poses with her younger sister.

We finally got some snow!  It was really more rain than snow, but there was enough for these 2 to get outside and make snowmen.  None of us have minded the mild winter here in the DC metro area, but in all honesty, we have missed the frequent snowstorms of Wyoming.
I drove by this intersection a couple days ago and it made me laugh.  I wonder if it was intentional?  Is there a Tolkien fan in the city planning office? 
If we really have moved to Mordor, I hope Frodo gets here soon. 
No one wants Sauron as a neighbor.

She started a pet-walking service. 

We've moved into our REAL house.  When we left Wyoming at the end of the summer, we chose to rent for a while.  We thought we'd be in the rental for a year, but found a great house sooner than expected and moved in a couple weeks ago.  It's been unsettling moving twice in a short period of time, but we are all enjoying the new house and are thankful to be in it.

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  1. Your house looks lovely! Exciting!

  2. Enjoy your new home, Colleen!
    The juxtaposition of Furnace with Mordor is definitely unsettling! :D
    (Although it seems natural that the one should follow the other.)

  3. Sauron as a neighbor! *shudders* I can hardly bear to think of it!